Motocross Training (MX)

Course Description

Join the professional motocross journey with Alfrado, our seasoned champion! This 2-hour training session is open to riders aged 5 and up, catering to both beginners and experienced riders. Alfredo will impart expert insights, covering advanced riding techniques, bike maintenance, and more. Elevate your skills and ride like a true professional.

The cost is KD 60 for 2-hours

Students need to provide full off-road motorcycle gear of 8 pieces.
1 Helmet
2 goggles
3 gloves
4 full body armor (That covers the back, shoulders, chest, and elbows).
5 knee protection.
6 motocross trousers.
7 Motorcross jersey ( shirt)
8 Motorcross Boosts.

Gear is available for rent at the training location

In this course, the students will learn the fundamentals of off-road motorcycles.

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